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New world-premiere of Oscar Peterson compositions a rare opportunity to hear celebrated jazz artists perform on Peterson’s personal piano.

June 1, 2015 – Mississauga, ON

To commemorate the 90th birthday of her late husband, jazz legend Oscar Peterson, Kelly Peterson has announced a world premiere recording of Oscar Peterson music performed by some of the most celebrated jazz artists in the world.

The new recording, Oscar, With Love, not only showcases never before released compositions by Peterson, but all are performed in Peterson’s home studio on his personal Bösendorfer Imperial piano. Never before has there been such a recording, of various artists performing on the personal instrument of a jazz legend.

“Oscar cherished his piano. It is impossible for me to think of him without it,” said Kelly Peterson, who is the executive producer of the new recording. “It is one of the finest and most unusual instruments in the world. Oscar handpicked it at the Bösendorfer factory in Vienna in 1981. It has never before been heard publicly.”

Oscar, With Love showcases Oscar Peterson as a composer and includes the world première of several pieces he wrote, but never recorded. The compositions were retrieved from Peterson’s library for the project. Most of the music on the recording was written by Peterson, or for him, by some of his closest musical friends.

It is these friends and colleagues who performed on the recording. Together, they have won a total of 32 Grammys, two Latin Grammys, three Oscars, one Golden Globe, one British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA), and seven Juno awards.

The list of participating artists includes some of the greatest jazz players in the world – Chick Corea, Monty Alexander, Ramsey Lewis, Kenny Barron, Benny Green, Oliver Jones, Makoto Ozone, Renee Rosnes and Bill Charlap. Chick Corea wrote and performed a new composition (called One For Oscar) specifically for the project.

Additionally, two remarkable guests contributed performances to the recording – composer/arranger and dear friend of Peterson’s, Michel Legrand, and classical pianist extraordinaire Andre Watts.

Other notable contributors include pianist and vocalist Audrey Morris (of Chicago) and pianist/producer and good friend Lance Anderson. Morris, a long-time close friend of Peterson’s, has been a renowned member of the Chicago music community for sixty-plus years. Her friendship with Peterson began in his early years of performing at Chicago’s London House, and continued throughout his lifetime. Anderson’s performance of the blues tune written for him by Peterson is among the compositions premiered on the recording.

Peterson was known for his encouragement and support of young, gifted players. Oscar, With Love has continued this tradition by showcasing some exceptional young players – Gerald Clayton, Hiromi, Justin Kauflin, and Robi Botos.

Although primarily a solo piano recording, some performances are accompanied by Peterson’s long-time associate and friend, bassist Dave Young.

Internationally respected Swiss engineer Blaise Favre recorded and mixed Oscar, With Love. The recording sessions were co-produced by Kelly Peterson and Juno Award-winning producer Lance Anderson, with Anderson taking the lead role as music producer.

“All of the artists and contributors travelled to Oscar’s home studio to be part of the project,” said Kelly Peterson. “I was overwhelmed by their respect for Oscar. Each of them expressed how humbled and honored they were to be present on ‘hallowed ground’ in Oscar’s studio.”

As executive producer of this unique project, Kelly Peterson explained her intent is to honor not only her late husband’s legacy, but also the legacy of his dearest friend, manager, impresario, and record producer, Norman Granz. Oscar, With Love will be released on her newly formed label, Two Lions Records, in honor of these two jazz giants.

The recording is set to be released on December 11, 2015, and will be celebrated with a special concert at The Royal Conservatory of Music’s Koerner Hall in Toronto on that date, at which several of these artists will perform. The concert marks the only occasion when Oscar Peterson’s personal piano will be seen and heard publicly, making this a truly momentous event. Tickets for the concert will be available beginning June 19.

Oscar, With Love will be released in a very Limited Edition Vinyl set – 1,925 (five-LP) sets, representing the year of Peterson’s birth. A special Collector’s Edition will also be released and will include an LP from Oscar’s personal library. In addition, the recording will be available as a Deluxe Edition CD with commemorative book, as well as a CD boxed set. The recording will be released on December 11, 2015. Pre-orders will begin on July 1. To order this memorable, historic recording, visit For the official video announcement visit For further updates visit For information about the concert, and the rest of the Royal Conservatory of Music season at Koerner Hall, visit


2015年6月1日 カナダ、オンタリオ州ミシソガ発


Oscar, With Love『オスカー、愛を込めて』はピーターソン未発表の作品が集められているだけでなく、全ての演奏にピーターソンの自宅にあるピアノ、Boesendorfer Imperial が使われている。ジャズの巨匠の楽器を他のミュージシャンが演奏するレコーディングは、これが初めて。


Oscar, With Loveは作曲家としてのピーターソンにスポットライトを当て、今回初めてレコーディングされる未発表の作品が含まれている。作品はこのアルバムのためにピーターソン自宅のコレクションから集められ、そのほとんどが、ピーターソンの自作、彼のために作られた曲、または親しく交流のあったミュージシャンによる作品。


参加しているのは、チック・コリア、モンティ・アレキサンダー、ラムゼー・ルイス、ケニー・バロン、ベニー・グリーン、オリバー・ジョーンズ、小曽根真、リニー・ロスネス、ビル・チャーラップ、といった世界的ジャズ巨匠たち。チック・コリアはこの企画のため特別にOne For Oscar 『オスカーのための一曲』を作曲している。



ピーターソンは若く才能のあるミュージシャンをサポート、奨励したことで有名。Oscar, With Loveはこの精神を引き継ぎ、ジェラルド・クレイトン、ヒロミ、ジャステイン・カウフリン、ロビ・ボトスなどの若手ミュージシャンもフィーチャーしている。




このユニークな企画のエクゼクティブプロデューサーであるケリー・ピーターソンは、亡き夫のレガシーのみならず、ピーターソンの大親友でマネージャー兼プロモーターでもあったノーマン・グランツのレガシーをも賞賛することが目的、と説明する。Oscar, With Loveは、この二人のジャズ界の巨人に敬意を込めて設立した新レーベル、Two Lions Recordsから発売される

Oscar, With Loveは超限定版のLPセットが1925部発売される。1925はピーターソンの誕生年。スペシャルコレクター版はピーターソンのプライベートコレクションの中からLP一枚が付く。また、記念本付きスペシャルデラックスCDと箱入りCDセットも発売予定。2015年12月11日発売で、予約受付は7月1日から。